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Social distancing, staying at home, wearing masks – things like these are good ways to protect yourself from COVID-19. With all of those precautions, you may still find yourself needing to go into the outside world, and it’s possible to get the virus on your hands without being near another human being. So what can you do to keep it from contaminating you?

Well, as you know, handwashing is a critical step. Since the pandemic began, experts have recommended washing your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. But what about the surfaces you touch on the way into your house? On your car alone, you’ll probably touch the steering wheel, doors, and trunk. Once you get to your home, you may touch the garage door button, door handles, light switches, and counters. Keeping these common touchpoints disinfected – especially after arriving home from essential activities – can be very important steps toward keeping your home and family COVID-free.

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