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While summer hasn’t officially started yet, for many people, summer starts the first time they fire up the grill for the year. You may have already put your grill through its’ paces this year, or maybe you haven’t had a chance yet – in either case, there are some things you may want to think about between now and the next time you light up the grill. 

  • It’s important to use your grill in a well-ventilated area, with plenty of open space around it. Besides potential fire hazards, radiant heat and/or smoke can damage nearby objects – like the siding on your house, for example. Additionally, charcoal is well-known to give off carbon monoxide, which can lead to health problems.
  • Propane grills have additional connections, hosing, and areas to clean. Be sure to check for damage, like leaks or cracks. Keeping the heat plates, grates, and other heating elements clean can help improve the lifespan of your grill, as well.
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