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One of the many common sights and sounds of summertime is the buzzing activity of a certain yellow-striped insect. Since you probably read the title of this blog post, you know we’re talking about wasps, and not bees.

A lot of people actually confuse the two, since they can be very similar in appearance, and both can sting people. One key difference when you’re fending off an attack, though, is that wasps can sting (or even bite!) multiple times before they die.

While some people view wasps as being good for the environment, since they do indeed kill some other pest insects, you may prefer to remove their nests from your home – especially if they’ve built it inside your walls. If you do intend to remove the nest, it would be a good idea to wear protective clothing. Also, since wasps are generally not as active during the night, this may be a good time to do the deed.

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