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Last month on our blog, we talked a bit about poison ivy/oak/sumac, as well as wasps. Many people feel that a good solution to remove these from their property is the use of pesticides. While the word “pesticides” may conjure mental images of Napa Valley, or a midwest farm, or cropdusters, the fact is that even simple, commonplace weed killers and bug sprays are typically registered as pesticides.

When you’re using pesticides, you should know that there are potential health hazards. For that reason, always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations – often found on the product label – as to how to handle their product safely. This may involve wearing protective clothing, spraying the product at a certain distance, or not spraying them on a windy day. Of course, you’ll want to keep them far out of the reach of your children.

Pesticides can be helpful in the right circumstances, and if they’re handled safely. Hopefully, these basic tips will help to protect your health and home.

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