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Protecting Your Property From Infection

Social distancing, staying at home, wearing masks - things like these are good ways to protect yourself from COVID-19. With all of those precautions, you may still find yourself needing to go into the outside world, and it's possible to get the virus on your hands...

Got Some Time on Your Hands?

Social distancing, self-quarantine, flattening the curve. We're adding all sorts of new phrases to our vocabulary this year. It could be that you've found yourself with more "at home" time than you expected. When that happens, what will you do with it? Here are some...

Protect Yourself!

It's almost Spring! Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow! Sure, the weather is pretty great almost all year round here in California, but there's something special about springtime that makes the "honey do" lists grow as fast as the flowers. When you're taking...

Inspection Reports – Why So Important

A home inspection is one of (if not the most) important step in a real estate transaction. Having a thorough, detailed, and top-notch home inspection is critical to protecting your investment and to ensure the safety of you and your family. But a thorough inspection...

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